Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Vito Lopez supports Republicans

1. LATINOS FOR GIULIANI? With Ferrer out, seven Latino Dems "trooped to City Hall to discuss endorsing" Giuliani. But only two of them "actually did" -- State Sen. Effrain Gonzalez and Assemblyman Vito Lopez "both longtime Giuliani allies." - New York Daily News 5/6/1997

2. ''I think that he has a track record of attempting to punish people who don't agree with him,'' said Assemblyman James F. Brennan. ''He runs primaries against people who cross him. And many people think there is a direct correlation between the executives of the city and state giving Ridgewood Bushwick millions of dollars and his endorsement of Pataki and Giuliani. And many people view that as fundamentally immoral.'' - The New York Times 10/24/2005

3. All hell broke loose last week when Mayor Giuliani ventured into Bushwick to meet with Assemblyman Vito Lopez' political organization, Brooklyn Unidos. And the heat wasn't just coming from residents angry about being barred from the meeting. It came on the part of elected officials in the economically depressed neighborhood, who complained that 1) Lopez was aligning himself with (gasp) an enemy Republican, and 2) Lopez did it in secret. Heading up the angry chorus of dissed politicians was Councilman Martin Malave-Dilan, who said he found out about the meeting while watching television the day of the event. . . "If that means dealing with the Republicans, then we deal with the Rpublicans," Vito Lopez said. - New York Daily News, 4/16/1995

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